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Due to rising need, I am now selling reusable cloth masks to help maintain everyone's health and safety. I'm happy to help everyone at this time, and offer a "pay-what-you-will" price point. The price only covers the cost of materials and shipping. Every dollar more you give using the donation button helps me to afford to make and donate masks to farmworkers and medical staff to keep them safe and offer masks for free to members of our community who are also in need. Note: If you want to order more than 3, please complete a separate order. This helps me to keep up with my orders and get masks to you as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

Face Mask

  • Masks are handmade to order with three seperate layers of cotton/cotton polyester blends that are breathable and easily washable while also protecting from outside elements. Each mask features a bendable wire on one edge to help mold the mask around the nose more comfortably, and sturdy ties that make them very easy to adjust to your head. I sew every mask myself and so small differences/imperfections may be visible from one mask to the next but this is normal and still safe. 

  • I ship everything priority mail so that it gets to the sender quickly and is possible to track. If a problem arises with the order, please contact me.

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